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Grafit Elektrot
Graphite Electrode
The graphite electrodes we import are supplied between Ø200 mm and Ø600 mm, and the lengths are between 1.500 mm and 2.700 mm according to the needs.

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Grafi Bloklar
Graphite Block
Our graphite blocks are imported in 4 qualities: isostatic, extruded, molded and electrode graphite. It is offered as raw material or processed as intermediate and final product according to the needs.

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Karbon fiber kompozit
Carbon Fiber Composite
Carbon fiber Composite (CFC) materials are used in heat treatment applications and many areas due to their resistance to high temperatures.

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Grafit Plaka
Graphite Board
Graphite plates are used in various branches of industry such as aluminum extrusion and glass processing, gold / silver / copper foil applications and hot glass forming thanks to its shiny and smooth surface that glass does not stick.
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Grafit Çubuk
Graphite Rod
Our graphite rods, which are used in many different fields, are processed in desired diameters and lengths and supplied in accordance with the needs.
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Grafit Pota
Graphite Crucible
It is used for melting precious metals. It is ceramic coated outside. Suitable for use in induction furnaces. Their capacities vary from 1 to 9 kg.
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Graphite Ring
It is used in the mold in aluminum billet casting. It allows to prevent damage and defects that may occur during casting.

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Gaz Alma Sistemleri
Degassing Systems
Degassing equipment used in aluminum billet castings are supplied in desired lengths and diameters. Among the products; we supply many units such as rotor and shaft set, manual degassing kit, Immersion bell, thermocouple.
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Grafit Granül
Graphite Granule
Graphite granules are used as a recarburizer in the iron and steel industry. It is supplied as natural or synthetic graphite with the desired technical specifications.
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Grafit Toz
Graphite Powder
Graphite powder used in foundries and presses is of three types: oily, oil-free and flake graphite. It is supplied as natural or synthetic graphite with the desired technical specifications.

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Mekanik soğuk pres
Cold Press Machine
Automatic cold press machine for diamond segment is suitable for pressing of saw blade segments, fan shaped segments, drill bit segments and some special shaped segments.
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Metal tozu karıştırıcı mikser
Metal Powder Mixer
Turbo Mixer for Diamond Powder and Metal Powder. It is mainly used extensively in the fields of diamond products, metallurgy, chemical industry.
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