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Mars Endüstri

As Mars Endüstri our aim is to present our experience in the Carbon & Graphite sector to our valued customers. As a company, we supply high quality graphite products needed by the industry from international manufacturers and offer them to industrial facilities where the use of carbon and graphite is indispensable in electrical, mechanical and industrial applications. Our products are selected with high precision in order to meet all requirements. Customer satisfaction is the main goal of our company.
With our ever-growing product portfolio, we increase the quality and efficiency in the sector and increase our competitive power with our wide market network. The secret of our success is to provide our customers with high quality products and produce the fastest solutions with our experienced structure and dynamic staff.


Graphite is a carbon mineral that is very soft, oily to the touch and has the ability to bend into thin sheets. It is one of the three main allotropic forms of carbon, along with diamond and amorphous carbon. In other words; It is a mineral composed of carbon elements.


Due to its properties, the usage areas of graphite are very wide. It is used in pencil making and lubrication of moving metal parts due to its softness, in casting and refractory industry, in the manufacture of crucibles and laboratory materials due to its resistance to fire and acids. Black refractory paints are usually made of graphite. Due to its good electrical conductivity, it is used in the manufacture of electrodes, motor brushes, battery bars and electronic devices. Graphite is also used as an additive in tires, car linings, matches and engine oils.
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o Increased mechanical strength at high temperature o Strong thermal shock resistance o Low thermal expansion o Good electrical conductivity