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Electric Arc and Laddle Furnace Applications

Electric arc and Laddle furnaces are furnaces used for melting metal thanks to the arc heat created by passing an electric current from one of the two conductive ends to the other with the help of electrodes. Graphite electrodes are used to generate arc energy in this type of furnace. The metal loaded in the furnace is heated by an electric arc created by a three-phase alternating electric current between three graphite electrodes. Typically, the furnace chamber diameter ranges from 2 to 4 m. The dimensions of the electrodes are determined by the place where they are used. The use of electric arc furnace is much more economical and faster than other iron and steel production methods. 180 tons of cold metal can be converted into pure molten metal in approximately 1.5 hours.

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Continuous Casting Applications

Continuous casting is the practice of converting molten metal into a solid state by passing it through a water-cooled, open-ended mold. Generally, shapeless or less shaped long pieces are cast with this method. Wires, cylindrical bars and semi-finished products are produced with this application.
Products made of graphite material are widely preferred in continuous casting applications. The technical properties, oxidation resistance, thermal resistance and particle size of the graphite material to be used directly determine the product quality and, accordingly, the product life.

Casting Applications of Precious Metals

Graphite crucibles are used in casting applications of precious metals such as gold and silver. Technical properties such as thermal resistance, electrical and thermal conductivity of the graphite material to be used are the reason why it is preferred in these applications.
There are different crucible designs for casting applications and can be supplied in different shapes and sizes upon request. Crucibles can be only graphite or ceramic coated.
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EDM Applications

Graphite, which can be processed 3 times faster than copper, has been preferred more in EDM applications in terms of cost and performance in recent years. Since the weight of graphite is 5 times lower than copper, it does not cause unnecessary weights like copper in applications.
As with copper, there is no adhesion during processing. Thus, higher quality part surface is obtained with high precision with graphite in EDM applications.

Aluminum Industry Applications

Graphite usage has an important place in aluminum casting applications due to its resistance to high temperatures and chemical reactions. In aluminum degassing application, graphite degassing systems are used to control the hydrogen and alkali metal levels. Graphite degassing systems generally consist of 2 parts, rotor and shaft. The amount of gas bubbles together with the vortex formed depending on the rotational speed of the rotor can be observed physically. In billet castings, the rings used in the mold allow to prevent damage and defects that may occur during casting. Billets are more homogeneous and their porosity is optimized. During degassing processes, graphite blocks, called breakers, are put into the ladle. Thus, the degassing process can be done more smoothly. Thermocouples are used to measure temperature in aluminum casting applications. Graphite or silicon nitride thermocouple protection tubes are used to prevent the thermocouples used in these processes from being affected by the external environment.
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Glass Industry Applications

Graphite material has been preferred in glass industry applications in recent years due to its resistance to high temperatures. Wooden / cork molds used in the production of glassware by blowing by hand or automatic machines become scraps by being affected by the temperature in time. Metal molds, on the other hand, require constant maintenance. For this reason, the use of graphite molds in glass industry applications is becoming more common day by day. It minimizes mold maintenance with its resistance to high temperatures, lubricity, easy processability and almost no oxidation. The advantage of graphite in molding and the fact that it is a more economical solution compared to other application types is the reason for preference for manufacturers.sebebidir.

Diamond Cutting Tool Manufacturing Applications

Graphite products have an important place in the manufacture of diamond cutting tools. In the hot sintering stage, the diamond segments are pressed and sintered under high pressure in molds made of graphite material.
High durability, electrical resistance, isotropic properties and oxidation resistance of graphite are the most important factors in its preference in this application.
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